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Buna ziua, pastilele anticonceptionale pot da astfel de dereglari, fie la inceputul utilizarii Medicamentele nu despre Neumyvakin psoriazis aruncate pe calea apei menajere sau a reziduurilor menajere. Este foarte periculos sa luati embolie pulmonară fara recomandarea medicului.

Medicamentele au efecte adverse, iar unele pot embolie pulmonară fatale. Prospectul medicamentului este o informatie orientativa, sunt venelor îndepărtarea varicoase care pot fi nocive doar in anumite conditii, ce nu sunt mentionate pe prospect.

Mediafax nu este responsabila pentru aplicarea defectuoasa sau nereusita vreunui tratament. Informatia prezentata poate include inacurateti de ordin embolie pulmonară sau erori de tastat. Informatiile de pe site si materialele aferente sunt oferite spre folosire "asa cum sunt" fara garantii de nici un click here. Sange menstrual cu cheaguri Dr. Andreas Vythoulkas Medic specialist obstetrica-ginecologie Buna pacientului psoriazis ingrijirea cu pastilele anticonceptionale pot da astfel de dereglari, primul ajutor la inceputul utilizarii Citite Noi Cele mai.

Embolia pulmonara apare cel mai adesea in asociere cu o alta boala. Aceasta afectiune pune viata in pericol atunci cand cheagul de sange este localizat pe artera pulmonara principala. Preventia bolilor care pot duce la embolie este foarte importanta. Cheagul respectiv poate sa se localizeze pe o artera mica, pe una de dimensiune mijlocie sau sa se opreasca pe artera principala si atunci apare embolia pulmonara severa care, de regula, este aproape totdeauna mortala.

De obicei avem mici si moderate. Atunci learn more here este moderata poate sa apara si infarct. Daca este moderat, la fel, embolie pulmonară sunt embolie pulmonară http: Cea mai frecventa cauza embolie pulmonară existenta la nivelul circulatiei periferice a unei boli.

Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis pacientii care se opereaza sunt obligati sa stea mult timp pe pat, si, pentru despre Neumyvakin psoriazis stau pe pat sunt obligati sa fie tratati preventiv pentru aparitia emboliei cu medicamente Sunt varice pe uter este periculos. Embolia apare frecvent in cazul bolilor de inima, a bolilor periferice, sarcina, uneori, repausul prelungit la pat, varsta peste 70 de ani. Cancerul este, la fel, o boala cu risc trombotic mare pentru ca se coaguleaza trombocitele.

Ea se manifesta prin durere importanta in zona respectiva, prin tuse cu expectoratie si prin junghi continue reading pleurezie. Diagnosticul se embolie pulmonară pa baza unor simptome, pe baza unei radiografii care embolie pulmonară suspiciunea, se face o analiza din sange si just click for source mai important este sa vezi la tomografie, arterele pulmonare prin angio tomografie, angio CT.

Prevalenta click este mare, dar este suficient incat sa avem din cand in cand indivizi cu embolii usoare care se vindeca, trec de la sine, cheagul acela cand ajunge in circulatia mare se injumatateste, scade dimensiunea si nu mai este periculos. Cel mai primul ajutor este cand apare embolia primul ajutor una din arterele principale pulmonare si atunci riscul este foarte mare de deces.

Se folosesc si medicamente anticoagulante care sa previna cresterea cheagului. Tratamentul se face foarte atent in spital, de obicei la cardiologie sau la terapie intensiva.

Cel mai important este sa se faca preventie. Pacientii cu afectiuni cardiovasculare sau care au avut deja embolie sunt obligati sa ia toata viata anticoagulante cu masurarea Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis. De obicei, un sange mai putin coagulabil despre Neumyvakin psoriazis valorile sa fie intre doi si trei.

Medicii afirma ca daca te tai, curge putin mai mult sange, daca te lovesti vinataia tine mai mult, pentru ca sangele este primul ajutor subtire. Insa, nu este nimic grav atat pentru tratarea psoriazisului oțet cat nu click embolie, pentru ca ea poate sa embolie pulmonară fatala.

Din cand in cand trebuie facut si un angio CT pentru despre Neumyvakin psoriazis se vedea ce se mai intampla cu arterele pulmonare. Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis, add me to your mailing list.

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Prospect Cerazette, 0, despre Neumyvakin psoriazis, comprimate filmate - indicaţii şi contraindicaţii, mod de şi precauţii. Obezitate - Wikipedia Embolie pulmonară, primul ajutor. Embolie Pulmonara - definitie rollercoasterlife. Apar la mai mult despre Neumyvakin psoriazis 1din 10 utilizatori Frecvente: Apar la mai mult de 1din 10 utilizatori.

Embolie pulmonară, primul ajutor Embolia pulmonara apare cel mai adesea in asociere cu despre Neumyvakin psoriazis alta boala. Stefan cel Mare,

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Of Chicken Sandwiches and Gay Marriage How The American University was Killed, in Five Easy Steps. Great Ape Thoughts Pseudo ScienceScam alternative medicinecancercure for cancerhydrogen peroxidepseudo scienceScamtherapy Comments. I repeat, do not do it! Seriously, if you ever hear anyone say that hydrogen peroxide can cure anything by drinking it or taking it intravenously; they are wrong.

I recently heard a really funny science joke which goes as follows. The despre Neumyvakin psoriazis is that H2O2 is the chemical hydrogen dioxide, commonly called hydrogen peroxide, which is deadly if consumed in large amounts. After hearing this I went online to see if there were any other jokes like that one.

And this little website popped up. So if this stuff is so dangerous, why would anyone buy into the idea of drinking it to cure disease? They claim that they have the cure for cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, and many other chronic diseases. How can they claim this? Well they rely primarily on despre Neumyvakin psoriazis work of Dr. Now there are many things that cause cancer, but the key reason cancer cells develop is damage to the dna of the cell, which causes uncontrolled cellular reproduction.

This damage could happen for a wide and ever expanding set of reasons. But two things are clear. One, flooding the body with oxygen does not cure cancer.

Two, the ingestion of hydrogen peroxide does not cure cancer, AIDS, or any other disease. In fact, the ingestion of hydrogen peroxide will very likely kill you. Let me explain how. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer.

What this means is that it is an unstable chemical at the molecular level. Now hydrogen peroxide, being an oxidizer, takes electrons from the atoms and molecules around it in order to stabilize itself. This destabilizes the tissues that hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with; creating high concentrations despre Neumyvakin psoriazis free radicals which continue to destroy tissues in the body.

This is also why chlorine gas is so deadly. This is a warning label of high concentration hydrogen peroxide. Note the dangers of corrosion and flammability. People who take these solutions through an IV despre Neumyvakin psoriazis see deterioration of the veins, damage to the blood cells, and erosion of tissues near the injection site. This is a dangerous pseudo science that takes advantage of people in duress due to chronic illness. What you need is MMS, miracle mineral solution.

The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century. Great Ape Thoughts Sep 11, I plan on writing a post about it, so if you want to talk more, just be patient. In the meantime, I urge you to stop taking this substance. Bruno Jul 26, Great Ape Thoughts Jul 26, They despre Neumyvakin psoriazis that they have the cure for cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, and despre Neumyvakin psoriazis other chronic diseases. Anonymous Nov 04, I supposed you are saying do not drink neat peroxide?

But tiny amounts could not hurt, indeed many foods we eat contains hydrogen peroxide! Anyway dentists would tell you that hydrogen peroxide is a good mouth wash.

It is great as despre Neumyvakin psoriazis face cleanser for acne suffers… Always use your common sense. Best health to all. Anonymous Jan 05, I have personally talked to many of the old timers who remember the influenza epidemic of that era and they remember the fact that many peoples lives were saved due to hydrogen peroxide therapy.

I have friend named Rich Musgrave of Central City Nebraska. He had one of the worst cases of shingles the docs had seen in the area. The doctors fed him all their treatments and despre Neumyvakin psoriazis. Miller of Ord Nebraska issued him a treatment of hydrogen peroxide therapy and the shingles were gone after I believe two treatments.

Fully and historically documented. Great Ape Thoughts Jan 07, What if your friend had a delayed response to the other treatments for his shingles?

On the other side, the only evidence of the substance curing disease through ingestion comes from the stories that people tell. The problem with this is that the ale pielii înainte de menstruație community has no way of measuring these results. Was it really the hydrogen peroxide that fought off influenza? But your friend was exploited by Dr. Miller in his time of desperation.

Many things that are healthy for you will turn harmful if taken in excess. Just how often are there serious problems or fatalities with h taken properly? Seems like the only stories of bad medicine come from the long line of continuous recalls by big pharma.

Why is it always a delayed reaction to some drug rather than healing from something that is not a drug. Marc Oct 08, I am a fifty three year old male despre Neumyvakin psoriazis has watched click witnessed over the years the scientific community say that certain things are either good or bad for you to then turn around and tell us that other studies have shown that they are to despre Neumyvakin psoriazis contrarie!

The key here is in proper doses. Water is a despre Neumyvakin psoriazis element for life. But who would have ever thought that drinking to much water can kill you! Vince Jan 05, despre Neumyvakin psoriazis I agree, actually hydrogen psoriazis de mare sare treatment is very sucessfully implemented in Russia by professor Neumivakin, who cured incurable patients by it.

OBVIOUSLY — those who preach against hydrogen peroxide, are having AGENDA of siding despre Neumyvakin psoriazis with STATE MEDICINE, which brings them long bucks. Thats the only reason. We will do what majority of good and honest people reported it was beneficial.

Ape, you can stick ur article up your arss. Who is going to pay up to a £1 million to prove something they cannot make money on because despre Neumyvakin psoriazis cannot be patented. Big Pharma make billions from drugs but think about it, how many drugs do they market that cure ANYTHING. There is no money Psoriazis comentarii Sarcina curing people.

Michael De Santis Jan 08, Great Ape Thoughts Jan 08, From the data that I have gathered, H2O2 does kill harmful pathogens, and can be used on the human body provided that it only gets on skin, minor cuts, or is swished around in the mouth without swallowing.

Now when it comes to medical despre Neumyvakin psoriazis not finding cures for chronic illnesses such as cancer, HIV, or Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis, there is always a chance that something was missed.

However, scientists that dedicate their lives to curing these diseases are some of the most hard working and passionate people you could ever meet. Jose Lopes May 25, Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis you like to know? Jul 19, Anonymous Jan 21, Great Ape Thoughts Jul 22, Small and highly studied doses can be targeted despre Neumyvakin psoriazis into the cancerous tissues. Drinking hydrogen peroxide would only oxidize the tissues of the mouth, esophagus, and stomach.

It would never reach the cancers unless they were on despre Neumyvakin psoriazis surface of those tissues only. Even then, hydrogen peroxide would destabilize the surrounding tissues which would make them more susceptible to becoming cancerous.

In addition, if hydrogen peroxide is injected, the oxidation could easily cause internal bleeding, air bubbles in the veins, and necrosis of the flesh around the injection site. Monitoriza curatarea intestinului in body makes H2O2.

And even if they were, how would it be to any of their benefit? There is one major factor missing from your analogy! Like the despre Neumyvakin psoriazis saying goes. Those who have the gold rule! How many times have we heard of grate inventions and ideas that could greatly benefit humanity only to have despre Neumyvakin psoriazis corporations come along and shut them down!

And all because of the all mighty. Ape thoughts, better shut up and leave, its obvious for everyone here that you are ignorant about medicine. What a waste of time! Janice Shields Dec 31, Mark Ross Jan 14, Please offer documentation of people being harmed through proper use of hydrogen peroxide therapy. Your suggestions that it is, are merely theoretical at best.

I am not saying kleine, tratamentul psoriazisului liber wurde or. The despre Neumyvakin psoriazis you recommend reading on the back of the bottle based on the usual store bought h you can get at walmart, NOT the food grade version.

Keep in mind, the recommended dose to swallow is like drops per 8 ounces of water. This is a very diluted amount. I have tried it myself and experienced NO ill effects at all. Again, I am not defending drinking it, or h therapy.

I am still experimenting and researching. However, your site is simply opinion based. Great Ape Thoughts Jan 26, Thank you for calling me out on that. I will also do the same for past posts on similar subjects.

If you can be patient for a little while, and I believe that you can be given the intelligence and open mindedness of your response; I will give you those studies. Just an FYI you never want to use over the counter H2O2 it has stabilizers in it that are very bad. Great Ape Thoughts Feb 08, Rachel Feb 08, The grades are as follows:.

This is the grade sold at your local drugstore or supermarket. This product is not recommended for internal use. This is used in beauty shops to color hair and is not recommended for internal use. This is used for various scientific experimentation and also contains stabilizers.

It despre Neumyvakin psoriazis also not for internal use. This is a more concentrated product than the Reagent Grade and despre Neumyvakin psoriazis slightly in that phosphorus is added to despre Neumyvakin psoriazis neutralize any chlorine from the water used to dilute it.

This is used in the production of foods like cheese, eggs, and whey-containing products. It is also sprayed on the foil lining of aseptic packages containing fruit juices and milk products. It is available in pints, quarts, gallons or even drums.

Various suppliers are mentioned later in this article. This information can be despre Neumyvakin psoriazis found here: Like I said, educate-yourself. I would really recommend that you look over the studies that I posted at the end of the post. One of them details a man who consumed food grade hydrogen peroxide and despre Neumyvakin psoriazis health effects that he suffered from that. That is an despre Neumyvakin psoriazis amount and, excuse my bluntness, the consequences of his own stupidity.

This is not a viable reference to compare proper H2O2 therapy to. This would be like me accusing toothpaste of being dangerous as a general whole when some….

Great Ape Thoughts Feb 12, If I had the money to afford subscriptions to peer-review literature I could have easily given you better data. However, the studies that I could access all show that Tratarea psoriazisului in baie is a powerful oxidizer. It strips the electrons from living tissue, ALL living tissue; not just pathogens or cancer cells. If you consume large amounts of it, it can kill you. If you inject it into your vascular system, you get air bubbles in your blood and suffer from internal bleeding.

And if you dilute it as much as you say you should, it would only react with the cells in your mouth and throat before degrading; meaning it would never even get to the pathogens in your blood or internal organs.

So this is me respectfully exiting the debate. But I have other things I want to talk about on this blog. Thank you for debating me, and for giving me my despre Neumyvakin psoriazis topic in a round-about way. Anonymous Jun 19, Probably the same dangers as to taking any în cazul în care poate fi medication if despre Neumyvakin psoriazis ingest to much… Really.

Mike Jun 24, Great Ape Thoughts Jun 24, Anonymous Jan 08, I am currently researching to see if this is a viable alternative for arthritis in my knees which got really bad this year.

I did buy the book The One Minute Articulații în psoriazis which explains in chapter 4 how to make sure you handle it properly. This therapy dates back more then years and has been used in India. Refer to page 74 for the suggested table for the therapy.

So Great Ape your research should be based on this despre Neumyvakin psoriazis not if someone drank half. I am going to continue to research before I proceed. I am highly allergic to medications including vicodine, Celebrex, and despre Neumyvakin psoriazis which the doctors have prescribed and the FDA approved. So I am looking for an alternative. So please do some thorough and balanced research. BK Jan 08, I have been taking H2O2 for years.

Have not even had a cold since I despre Neumyvakin psoriazis been taking it. Also use it as a deodorant too. Anonymous Dec 16, There are many grades and concentrations that are used for various purposes.

Information on the various grades and their uses can be found here about halfway down the page: It is full of conspiracy theories, pseudo-science, and many other ideas that have no valid proof.

That is just plain crazy. The grade tables are correct on both websites: Steven Mar 06, If this therapy worked one tenth as well as is documented, Big Pharm would and has do everything and anything to keep this knowledge under wraps. And they are not always correct themselves. Great Ape Thoughts Mar 12, You do have a point. They also have an obligation to turn a profit to their share holders.

However, people despre Neumyvakin psoriazis enter the pharmacy profession tend to want the best for people. She is one of article source most caring and compassionate people I have ever meet.

Yes there are flaws and greed in the system, but I do not believe that these companies are inherently evil, or up despre Neumyvakin psoriazis no good. Now when it comes to despre Neumyvakin psoriazis idea that there is no money in a cure or they are trying to suppress a cure, I would like to propose a hypothetical situation. Companies would make millions off of this cure by making hydrogen peroxide a controlled substance.

Since it is despre Neumyvakin psoriazis to consume in un-regulated doses, the pharmaceutic companies would simply pay off politicians to make it illegal to purchase H2O2 without a prescription. This would then drive up the price and put money in the pockets of the industry.

While it would be nice if the health care industry was more honest despre Neumyvakin psoriazis helpful to the public, the idea that they are collectively hurting the public to turn a product is an over-extradition. The people who work in the pharmacies believe the same things that you do, because the FDA is GOD. Surely, everyone else is crazy. Pammy Jul 20, We are brain washed from media. Thanks for your post. Click Mar 17, I am considering use of this product to treat fungus internally.

This is why people take matters into their own hands Note to medical professionals, stop worrying about money and start saving people. Remember the word oxidizing agent simply means one element can break down another via a chemical reaction as you described above. Its not a scary term by any means. Pure hydrogen peroxide has a pH of 6. The pH can be as low as 4. Ph of soda Coke is 2. You want to dilute to that consistency if used so you dont burn a hole through your stomach.

This suggests that we produce it naturally. As I did more research, I found that aging or dying cells produce H2O2 At low levels. This would lead me to believe that we may be trying to invoke a healing process. More research will be conducted to prove this out. Ah, you will all be interested in the following: Like the body, if you where going to use it despre Neumyvakin psoriazis a therapy, It should be done in short intervals.

H2O2, is a toxin to our body, however serves a purpose in healing. One of the issues I see is, if you already have a high production of this element H2O2, and you add more, you could be causing yourself a lot of damage, However, it deserves my interest from what I have read so far. I believe this could be used, provably for bacteria issues, i.

I seen no supporting evidence that this treatment will cure anything else. As humans we have a lot of bacteria in our despre Neumyvakin psoriazis, so I imagine that the immune response you get from ingestion is positive in the short run, and thus can be used in the short term. Long term, I imagine that you will kill off your ability to remove H2O2 from you system and end up with a toxic overload in your system. This means, if you use it, use it one week on, one week off, even at small doses to give your body time to repair the Prx protein via sulfiredoxin Srx.

Doctors still use this treatment, and make no mistake, in high amounts this element can kill you Like any drug can. If your going to do anything like this, you should be monitored by a doctor to test H2O2 levels if such a test existsif your a doctor, chime in.

I makes you appear less intelligent than you are You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders, you just need to be an intuitive thinker. Your better than that. Come back at this post with some real data, people want to know the answer because people are sick, and doctors dont have the answer, doctors, chime in any time.

Its easier for you to call the patient crazy, than it is for you to do research to find out what may be the cause of the issue. TO MUCH WORK I GUESS. Great Ape Thoughts Apr 21, First of all, thank you for not flat out attacking me in your comment. It was very appreciated. Now on to your points. I have talked to two pharmacists and a pediatric trauma surgeon about the production of hydrogen peroxide in the body.

And they all told me that the body produces H2O2 as a result of damage to the cells. While this process can kill off pathogens in the body, it is not an intentional process. When you cite the fact that asthma suffers have higher levels of H2O2 in their systems, this is because of an improper absorption of oxygen.

I would also like to point out that I have asthma so I have learned a lot about the condition. I would also like to point out the logical falicies in your argument, not to attack or belittle you, but to make a point about research.

You have to take into account the idea that cause and effect works both ways. It could be that the world is getting colder, but it could also mean that Siberia is getting warmer.

Until proper experimentation is conducted, cause and effect cannot be assumed in any direction. Plus, if someone only cared about money, there are many ways to make money that are a hell of a despre Neumyvakin psoriazis easier than the years of intense training it takes to become a doctor.

Try to stay away from statements that hyperbolic. Sean Jun 25, Thank you for that last comment about doctors always being in it for the money. It urks me when I see people say that. Specicifically because my mother is a PA. She sacrafices 2 days of her work week to volunteer at the Mooresville Free Clinic. The Mooresville Free Clinic is a clinic that helps people that cant afford help for free.

Skitz Oct 19, despre Neumyvakin psoriazis Mate, you are losing the argument time after time. There have been many posts by people who have used and have been using this compound as recommended for many years — including myself and I Source BY IT as do my parents. Prior to taking H2O2, I would get the Flu nearly every year. Since taking H2O2, no such misfortune. Now you can quote all the despre Neumyvakin psoriazis and dodgy peer reviewed literature from the establishment who have everything to gain by keeping such success BURIED but from my experience and those of those I know who are on the H2O2, nothing but rapture and health.

Your arguments fall on deaf ears, not because of poor education but from ENHANCED education — born from a willingness to seek answers from sources other than those that have been bought and paid for by big pharma.

Massive profits are on the line, however those who are touting the successes of H2O2 have NOTHING to gain. Self evident as to despre Neumyvakin psoriazis we can believe hmm? Anonymous Mar 24, My thoughts areYou despre Neumyvakin psoriazis basing your decision making on research that is available TODAY despre Neumyvakin psoriazis, and not in the future. The way the body uses Hydrogen Dioxide despre Neumyvakin psoriazis very complicated and not yet fully understood.

Hydrogen peroxide has long been known to damage more info and their DNA, but scientists have recently uncovered evidence that points to despre Neumyvakin psoriazis more beneficial role: I would go on evidence of actual physical trials despre Neumyvakin psoriazis, and base my conclusion on real evidence of real people experiences not he say she say.

I have read enough to know that it is safeif used correctly and in very diluted doses as it works on a cellular level. The one thing that I noticed in both of them is that neither despre Neumyvakin psoriazis says that people should add H2O2 to their system, just that it exists in the body and can kill pathogens. I would recommend that you look into oxidative stress.

Mark Ross Apr 22, Yes, but despre Neumyvakin psoriazis problem is NO ONE despre Neumyvakin psoriazis researching it. I took the stuff myself for about a month.

However, I am fine. Nothing bad happened to me. I started out at 3 drops of food grade h2o2 in 8 ounces of pure water. Eventually Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis got up for 25 drops. Not a problem at all for me that I noticed. Although, I will admit, I stopped because I got tired of doing it and it tastes despre Neumyvakin psoriazis. However, if I had a health crisis, I would go back to it and try it again.

They might need insight from you, and being anonymous makes your credibility void. Jan Smith Apr 05, HAS to be food grade and HAS to be diluted to SAFE concentrations.

Please do not deter people from healing themselves. Just like the italian despre Neumyvakin psoriazis who discovered that cancer is a fungus and can be cured with baking soda. He has CURED many with simple baking soda…. Because of MONEY…pharm companies would go bankrupt. Hydrogen peroxide floods tissues with oxygen…oxygen makes it hard for cancer to survive. I was going to let this topic go and just despre Neumyvakin psoriazis commenters debate among themselves.

But, I have to correct this particular claim. CANCER IS NOT A FUNGUS! If cancer was just a fungal infection, we would have cured it already. The medical community despre Neumyvakin psoriazis had anti-fungal medication for a long time now. We know what cancer is.

To anyone who is reading this Schwerpunkt forum psoriazis EPLAN sie, do not believe the claim that cancer despre Neumyvakin psoriazis just a fungal infection. Seek proper medical treatment for cancer. Warthogg64 May 08, Let the doctors despre Neumyvakin psoriazis you despre Neumyvakin psoriazis of chemotherapy which is a poison?

Cancer is two things:. A way for big pharmaceutical to legally make billions of dollars every year which some of it is funneled back through to the FDA to ensure that cures like H2O2 never make it on the market. Now before you dispute what I have just said,ask yourself what happens to a single persons unclaimed social security when they die?

Have you ever heard of their parents, family or friend getting it? I goes back to the government and no one sees it again. But you must follow the protocol of ONLY food grade which has been DILUTED to safe percentages in distilled water….

Anonymous Apr 09, Did you every try it? It was a miracle for me. But you know what? Jennie Apr 28, My vet suggested that I give my dog hydrogen peroxide so that he would regurgitate an inedible object that he swallowed.

He never did, but became sick throughout the night. I felt very horrible that I had harmed my dog as I gave him about ml. He survived, despre Neumyvakin psoriazis is fine a year later, but now I am doubting the efficacy of sampon pentru psoriazis comentarii it as a vomit-inducer as my dog and everyone else has no trouble drinking it.

Mark Ross Apr 30, NO proponent of H is recommending you use the regular store brand. That stuff has all kinds of toxic chemicals in it that stabilize the h, where as FOOD GRADE H2O2 is PURE.

AND, you gave the dog waaaay too much at a high concentrated level, even if it was food grade. SO, this is a terrible and irresponsible example. Vitamin C is great for you, despre Neumyvakin psoriazis if you take too much, it gives you diarreah. In fact, if you take too much potassium, it will kill you! BUT, potassium is a necessary nutrient. Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis May 18, While I have no first hand experience with hydrogen peroxide curing disease, I have found it to be a wonderful replacement for chemicals in my home.

If faced with cancer, you can bet I would go with peroxide before I would go with chemo. I know plenty of people who have gone through painful chemo, only to die shortly after, after living a miserable existence during the treatment. If my odds were slim anyway, I am going with the peroxide approach personally. Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis May 20, Just want to add my experience with H2O2, food grade.

Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis had been exposed to the Herpes virus despre Neumyvakin psoriazis had some very unpleasant sores in a very sensitive area if you know what I mean. I read about the H2O2 therapy and began drinking it, and ramping up to the dosage of 25 drops 3 X daily.

After maintaining maximum dosage for a short time, I reduced the amount to the maintenance dosage. After a while I got lazy and tired of the bad taste and stopped. I am now taking it again for the last several months, and no return of the sores. I feel better when I take it, and I am happy to deal with the bad tast verses despre Neumyvakin psoriazis sores. I have never vomited or had any other negative effects of drinking it, however I am careful to not have anything food in my stomach, and I never eat anything for an hour after taking it.

I have no idea if it really is a cure for all the stuff like cancer, etc. Jamie Jun 11, I read the joke you mentioned on a different website. Your Article changed my mind and could have possibly saved my life.

Great Ape Thoughts Jun 18, Talk to a trusted doctor about any major changes to your medical regimen that you plan to make. Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis Jun 17, But just ask yourself, could you organize a group of thousands to do something that would hurt millions of people without having a few people leaking the evidence of your scheme?

If someone can give me credible evidence that the government has see more suppressing a cure for cancer, aids, or any other chronic disease, then I may be willing to talk the issue out. But, if there were such a conspiracy, I doubt that any organization could hide the evidence of their actions in this day and age.

You believe it because they say so. It works with religion, politics …. In the US, the medical community has a monopoly on dispensing medical advice. It is illegal for anyone else to say anything about medical treatments. If they do, they are subject to litigation and removal of their licenses for their professions.

There may be some folks in big pharma and the FDA that want to suppress info on hydrogen peroxide, and there are certainly many this web page people in both organizations that would never do such a thing as suppress good info. I think the issue is more one of perspective. The medical community and big pharma have no reason to pay any attention to H2O2 it at all. They are businesses and must engage in profitable activity.

Their main focus is the treatment of diseases, not on increasing health. This distinction sounds subtle, but over the last 50 years I think has clearly shown that disease oriented questions as the basis of medical experiments have yet to find cures for any significant chronic illness. In fact, per capita chronic illnesses have increased exponentially, as have the use of drugs and surgery to more info them.

If hydrogen peroxide is not a specific cure for a mechanism that scientists have nailed down to a particular disease, but rather a palliative that increases general body health, and then the body itself learn more here greater resources to combat the disease, medical science would have a really hard time finding it.

Imagine performing an experiment where you try to despre Neumyvakin psoriazis or disprove the causal effect of something that increases general health. There are quite a few things that get in the way of proving any definitive causal relationships unless you can watch the entire thing go down, in one event, in the microscope. But really, there would be no reason to even research it, since there would be no profit in it. Since hydrogen peroxide is something that nearly any chemical company can profitably make, there would be a huge cost of research in proving causal health effects, with no monopoly on distribution of the despre Neumyvakin psoriazis, so no way to turn a profit.

Thus no reason for big pharma to research. No chemical company is going to jump into FDA research either. The idea of trying to make it a controlled substance to make a profit is a poor business plan. However, there have been several testimonies by folks here that have safely taken it.

See the thing is, and anecdote is a data point, just a useless one for determining cause and effect for everybody. It has more than just peroxide in it. Mike Jun 23, The writer of this article did not do his homework. There is more than one type of hydrogen peroxide. Also there are different percentages. There are two different grades. One to be used internally and one should not. It is amazing that despre Neumyvakin psoriazis writer went to despre Neumyvakin psoriazis store and bought a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and now is an expert.

Prescription medication will kill you if you use it incorrectly. But in this case, it is the appropriate word. Well, if you look at the pictures that I gave, and the articles I posted links to, you would see that I covered the different grades of H2O2. So before you call me ignorant, please read the entire post and pay attention to the details. Jun 24, Two beautiful people in an unrealistic environment.

They have absolutely ZERO! Anonymous Jul 19, Natural cures are more difficult — and yet way more effective; however, you must despre Neumyvakin psoriazis your lifestyle.

Ivona Apr 15, I agree with you on F the FDA. They make despre Neumyvakin psoriazis much money pushing big pharma. It makes sense why people who have said they found a cure have either disappeared or been jailed.

Whats wrong with this picture? If the FDA says its good, you know its bad! If they say its bad you know its good! TheSparko Jun 25, However, now I ask you keep an open mind about this. Firstly, the correct way to actually ingest hydrogen peroxide is to dilute it. Oxygen toxicity and internal burns therefore no longer become an issue — because the amount you actually take in is very dilute.

The idea is to take it over a longer period of time, in small dosages. Without meaning to be rude, but those links are despre Neumyvakin psoriazis studies at all, they are in fact articles from government-backed websites that only serve to agree with my previous statements. Furthermore, none of your articles provide any specific information as to how much Hydrogen peroxide has been taken.

This is seeded from a large distrust of the FDA, and pharmaceutical companies alike. The FDA is trying to despre Neumyvakin psoriazis illegal sales of this product despre Neumyvakin psoriazis yes, it is dangerous if ingested, but it also fails to recognize that the FDA, combined with other pharma are the sole reasons that this product is being shipped illegally in the first place.

The only way to solve this is to take some advice, and just stick to ordinary brown bottle stuff. Phosphoric acid is contained within coca cola, and phenacetin, which is contained in vicks cold tablets and is a non-opiod pain reliever.

These are both completely harmless despre Neumyvakin psoriazis taken in such small amounts. Now, in terms of HPs effectiveness at fighting disease — this is probable something that most of us here have actually overlooked. But is there the slightest possibility that you have perhaps misjudged this entirely and jumped to despre Neumyvakin psoriazis too quickly? I mean, yes — you do have a legitimate concern for high concentration HP being sold uninformed buyers — which despre Neumyvakin psoriazis result in dangerous outcomes.

Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis now that we have established that no longer becomes an issue if a sensible despre Neumyvakin psoriazis is taken — could there be room for now a legitimate, working theory as to how HP does actually help the body? If part of you is thinking yes, then I shall try and explain as briefly as possible. You get a massive boost in oxygen going throughout your whole system — this will seem pleasant too, as it will give you more energy.

It turns it into an alkaline state. Of course, this study is actually exclusive from HP all togetheras they treated the patients with Cesium, and not HP. I understand that this may not be conclusive evidence to a skeptic, but I hope not to convince you with a mini essay I wrote at 8 in the morning, but only to expose you to the possibility that there is something far more significant that we, and the modern world of medicine have overlooked. My main critical point is that oxygen therapy basically works under the principles of pH therapy increasing pH.

And thus, oxygen therapy is only a redundant term. I would also like to apologize for the length of this post and would like to thank you for your patience in reading it. Great Ape Thoughts Jun 26, Well thank you despre Neumyvakin psoriazis writing a well thought out response. It is true that there are many factors that go into the cure for cancer, and the ph of the environment is one of them. The problem with using hp therapy is that when hp is diluted as much as it is, it oxidizes with the tissues despre Neumyvakin psoriazis the mouth and throat.

This means that the substance would never make it to any cancer cells. The other risk from the use of hp in the body comes from oxidation stress. This happens when cells are exposed to oxidizers, despre Neumyvakin psoriazis damage the dna and can lead to cancer development.

From what I understand, H2O2 diluted in the body does not oxidise normal healthy human cells as despre Neumyvakin psoriazis are protected by enzymes, whereas unhealthy cells and organisms are not.

Anonymous Jul 07, You psoriazis Kalanchoe have never studied any biology. Only anaerobic bacteria die in the presence of oxygen. Anonymous Apr 23, Anonymous Jun 25, Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis much area the big pharmas paying you for this article?

My opinions and scientific knowledge cannot be bought. Anonymous Sep 22, You are despre Neumyvakin psoriazis payroll. You are definitely getting kickback for this load of BS. I wonder what type of punishment he has in store for you. The TRUTH will be known and ALL will reap what they sow! Jade Jun 25, There is a difference between normal and food grade. The other is from a high grade batch. I know the difference between the two. But some of the people I talked to or read about do not make or ignore any distinctions so I wanted to show as many sides of Medizin Viilma psoriazis dem argument as I could without making the despre Neumyvakin psoriazis only about classifications of the substance.

Pete Jul 03, Tap or mineral water contains dissolved minerals that will react with the oxygen, wasting it.

Never take hydrogen peroxide with food in your stomach. For most people this means an hour and a half either side learn more here food. Vitamin C, iron and despre Neumyvakin psoriazis in the stomach change hydrogen peroxide into super-oxide free radicals. This can severely damage the lining of your despre Neumyvakin psoriazis. Elizabeth Jul 03, Dear Ape, I think you did not proof your point at all.

All data you presented is not relevant. Good luck looking for results! Joanna Jul 05, Sorry but I believe in Hydrogen peroxide therapy. There IS A FOOD GRADE HP. I cured despre Neumyvakin psoriazis psoriasis with HP and definitely believe in its curing abilities.

More people should know about. Pete Jul 08, You are fear mongering. You offer no substantial evidence either way. Yay or Nay, on therapeutic uses of H2o2. It would be so nice for you to offer caution. It would be so nice for you to acknowledge possible benefit.

You continue to babble, makes for very easy repartee. Kas Jul 13, The despre Neumyvakin psoriazis pharmaceutical companies poison our bodies everyday pushing more and more drugs on to us. They are not interested in really despre Neumyvakin psoriazis us they are only interested in the billions of dollars they make.

That is why they are against alternate therapies, and spread rumours around that alternate therapies are rubbish. If people were serious about getting people well they would be looking at the cause of the disease not only the cure. What is worst with a cancer patient pumping your body with Chemo or trying alternate hydrogen peroxide.

I have seen too many friends go through chemo fighting cancer and not make it. I witry anything BECAUSE I will die regardless. Would it be considered dangerous to take aspirins? Of course it would, it would kill you!! FDA are these the same ppl who still allow cigarettes, etc to be sold when they down right now that they KILL people. PjM Jul 28, Ape must work for Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis Pharma.

We have never felt better, breathed better, or had so much energy. That is why we are deficient in this all important element. There will never be a proclaimed cure for cancer by either Big Pharma or the Medical Association for that very lucrative reason. The entire industry is a sham, and controlled by corporations. I am not referring to the ape guy when I said shameless. I have no clue why he wrote this article. Maybe continue reading believes what he has written here.

All I do know is I have not shown any negative side effects despre Neumyvakin psoriazis drinking it every day for over 20 yrs. Great Ape Thoughts Aug 02, Allan Oct 07, Would you care to explain why you keep ignoring despre Neumyvakin psoriazis the majority of the responses on this site are in favor of food despre Neumyvakin psoriazis H It has been explained over and over and over again to you, but you refuse to listen!

These people have nothing to gain but better health! I thought science was repeating the same experiment over and over again and analyzing the results! Thus putting despre Neumyvakin psoriazis like me in positions of having to try something different!

To my betterment or to my detriment! So far in my research I have come across way more stories that ingesting H has greater benefits that not! Now I despre Neumyvakin psoriazis be wrong and only time will tell. Will you believe me if I come back and share with you of the positive results?! Or will I be just another kook? I have nothing to gain by promoting the use of Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis but my health and a better life with my three young children.

So tell me ape! Is the earth flat or round?! Andrew Aug 14, despre Neumyvakin psoriazis I have been getting a headache reading despre Neumyvakin psoriazis these comments. No, ape is not working for any companies. Our answer is objective debate and unbiased studies using the modern scientific method; where we look at both sides equally and understand that as humans we are prone to cognitive dissonance and conformation bias.

I would love to see some REAL studies on the effects of food grade hydrogen peroxide taken internally with the recommended dose. David Donaldson Oct 04, I have witnessed several cases that involved cancerous tumors that vanished, my father as one.

They are just like those sorry as liars, lawyers. Anonymous Nov 02, I would love to see more studies as well. But unfortunatly no will learn more here such studies as there is no money to bbe made from them.

Sir you seem inteligent so why not let your fingers do the walking. All the proof you need is at your finger tips. Just type in what you want to know. I am not going to do it for you.

I learned toate cauzele de prurit h2o2 over 20 years ago. The husband of a friend of mine was in the last stages of cancer, bedridden.

A very popular celebrity heard of her husbands situation and went to him and told him about h2o2 therapy.

Her husband started it since the doctors said there was nothing they could do. I lost track of that friend over the years but her husband was cancer free, working and loving life, last time I saw him. I, myself have been ingesting 35 grade hydrogen peroxide ever since. I am living proof that this article despre Neumyvakin psoriazis pure BS. Anonymous Aug 29, YOU HAVE NEVER HAD CANCER BEFORE! Anonymous Sep 02, I would just like to remind everyone of our so called leaders Ponzi scheme with our social security on how they have taken and spent it for how many years knowing full well that they would never be able to pay it back.

So if our so called leaders are going to rob our wallets with what should be our money when the times comes, how much more are they going to try despre Neumyvakin psoriazis keep any info that really works into healthy living covered this web page. Love The Life You Live Sep 10, I personally have been sick for nearly 4 years now and have foolishly entrusted despre Neumyvakin psoriazis health to 11 different medical doctors during that time, where my health proved only to increasingly worsen as time went on.

He built homes for people in Big Bear with his bare hands and collected natural accent materials rock and stones from the land, each night after he stopped working on his home projects every day. Art was amazing in every sense of the word… he scaled fences like a teenager! Our cat had been stuck in a tree for 2 days, when we saw Art, he asked what was going on, then without any hesitation, climbed onto our roof, and proceeded to create a make shift pulley with a bucket and some rope, he rescued our cat, gave me a despre Neumyvakin psoriazis and then headed off to continue despre Neumyvakin psoriazis original task.

Desperate to find relief, I continued despre Neumyvakin psoriazis search and have finally despre Neumyvakin psoriazis a doctor who practices alternative medicine. I am pleased to report that in just 6-weeks, he has done what all the others have failed to do, which is have me tested to uncover the root cause of my illness and provide a solution that is based on HEALING the body, not merely treating the symptoms of discomfort.

We moved back to the city, a few years ago, so I lost contact with Art, or I might have been more mindful of this HP therapy and perhaps I would have corrected or even prevented my health issues… All I know is I am grateful to have discovered it!

I am also a believer that the AMA, Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis Pharma and the FDA are all working together to ensure they do not lose their hearty trillion dollar profits to anyone providing permanent cures despre Neumyvakin psoriazis any disease. Marc Nov 02, I am a 53 year old truck driver who also have been degenerating and getting worst as the years go by. To the point where I have found myself to weigh Lbs with swollen legs and poor circulation to the point of not being able to walk up a half a flight of stairs without having to gasp for air.

My feet felt like they were on fire and numb most of the time. The Doctor placed me on diuretics of witch I was on for over three months to help remove some of the fluid that had built up in my legs to no avail. I also have been diagnosed with arthritis in my mid upper back that caused me allot of discomfort and nagging pain that went through my entire body that I found myself having to take up to two Alieve and 2 to 3 Tramasets and a half hour long hot shower on my knees just to function in the morning.

This constant pain in my back and legs is what helped cause my being over weight as exercise was despre Neumyvakin psoriazis something that I wanted to do! In short, all of these issues played a significant roll in two marriage brake ups and to the eventual loss of my long term job. Now I have spent over two decades with these issues for which I have sought medical help, and all to no avail!

I have gone despre Neumyvakin psoriazis M. Desperate people do desperate things! One day a friend who has been using H for years told me about this controversial use of H by ingesting it and of all the claims that followed it. So having tried everything else I began researching and reading personal testimonies and their claims to healing then decided try it. On the first week I started finding myself having more energy. On the second week I found that I not only had more energy, I also found that my back leg pain was not as prominent.

So I thought I would stop taking my Alieve and trameset to see if the pain would increase, and to my surprise it did not. So I completely stopped taking it ,only to report that I am now going on my third week of H therapy without pain killers for my arthritis! Also due to fear of what being on diuretics for my fluid retention would have if I mixed it with the H I stopped taking this as well but this time I stopped before I began taking H only to report that the swelling in my legs has significantly gone down and the burning sensation in my feet has greatly diminished and the cramps and pain that I despre Neumyvakin psoriazis in my legs is all but gone!

Also I have found that my stomach issues seem to have gone away to the point that I was also able to walk up two flights of stairs without having to stop to catch my breath half way up and at the top. I have also found that my apatite has greatly diminished 1 due to the fact that one must not eat 2 to 3 hours before and after the ingestion of H but also it seems that I find my self not as hungry.

In conclusion, I am now starting on my third week click H feeling quite optimistic and encouraged that there is hope after all! Yesterday I went out tricker treating with my two young boys and I found my self walking around five or here blocks or so without having to stop due to pain and shortness of breath!

But for now, I am reporting that My life has taken a significant change for the better and I am going to continue on my 30 day regiment of H! I will report again after I have concluded. A believer in H You obviously have an articulate brain so that it must be clear to you that you are NOT winning this argument. People are waking up to the Allopathic domination of our health and are tired of it. For goodness sake, use your valuable time in researching something useful…. Ideal for people that spend lots of time behind their computers and not out in the fresh air.

Linda Sep 25, DO YOU WANT PROOF? I have come along this Ape page…. I am also proud of these ppl here, who I do not know, writing seriously to a person that disgraces the Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis Great Apes! I have poof as of last night with my 18 yrold cat who had a boody diarear stool for months, the sonogram read tumors in lower abdominal area and liver. I am a fighter and so is my cat. I had nothing to lose since despre Neumyvakin psoriazis was declining every day with no appetiteno energy, and water of blood coming out of her.

As I said last night she is eating healthy cat food herselfpreviously I had despre Neumyvakin psoriazis force feed her baby food. Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis BIG proof is she went to the litter box, spritely and pooped a turd that was solid and NO Blood!!!!!!!

She is still coming along. But she was on her death bed with what was more likely to be cancerous tumors! I am truly in shock that my cat has come back from the almost dead.

I was thinking another ultra sound now would be proof! And struggle since my back problems…. I just googled cures despre Neumyvakin psoriazis HPT. And came across this post. Sorry for peaking harshly in the beginning, but my feelings are that if you despre Neumyvakin psoriazis have no proof yourselfdo not condemn what can be!

And my cat is living a better life since HPT given she has despre Neumyvakin psoriazis back from her death bed and now is progressing. And lifestyle change was getting her outside, this too made her a reborn again kitty. Thanks for this oppornuty to give voice to is not talked about in main stream media!

I knew hydrogen peroxide is true and it works! Thousands of incurable people are healed in Russia with hydrogen peroxide following the treatment of Professor Neumivakin who is promoter of this method. TRUE FACT NO BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!! The doctors were astonished and completely baffled. Cancer is a big business. Also, Eseac tea also helps rid the cancer. Doctors are not the answer. They are just like liars, no, I mean lawyers. There are hundreds of ways to skin a cat.

Anonymous Oct 11, The Great Ape is running scared. Christ Tratamentul Chita Oct 12, ALL DISEASE HAS ALREADY BEEN CURED! I Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis, ALL DISEASES ALREADY HAVE BEEN CURED, AND THERE IS A CURE FOR EVERY DISEASE HUMANS WILL EVER HAVE! IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL! Ignorance is your death sentence, and this world is controlled by keeping education at the most ignorant state ever conceived by man!

YOU THINK YOUR SMART WITH ALL YOUR HUMAN KNOWLEGE AND SCHOOLING! And yet your eyes have never seen, yet, the unseen ALL AROUND YOU. ONE DAY MAYBE, IF YOU OPEN YOUR BRAIN UP TO UNWORLDLY THINKING, A REAL LIGHT WILL PENETRATE YOUR MIND AND ALL THINGS WILL BE MADE VISIBLE! Marc Oct 15, Kurt Oct 28, I learned to follow the money and stay away from those companies i.

Go to the little guy who has been slap by the government a few dozen times for actually achieving great results. Oh and Hydrogen peroxide therapy is amazing. When I drink it I feel awake. Caffeine has never made feel this energized! Many of those who do water fasts for 30 days experience similar side effects, because they are excreting all of the despre Neumyvakin psoriazis toxins through their urine, skin, colon and saliva. We all side with you. Down with rotten state medicine and its promoters!

Chris Harper Oct 17, I would like to first thank you for this blog and your willingness to keep it going even though you find it difficult to defend your position. I have read the entire thing and have learned a lot. Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis I would like to thank you for that. While this appears to be valid on the surface, I started thinking about it further.

And here is another thought along those lines. In our study, how would despre Neumyvakin psoriazis log the results? Would we not interview them and get their story? Would we not ask them about their eating habits and how HP ingestion made them feel? Of course we would. My point is that, while this forum is not a formal study, that informal anecdotes can be points link data that should at least be considered to motivate one in performing a formal study.

The anecdotes from that study most assuredly would be considered despre Neumyvakin psoriazis. I believe that your willingness to consider the possibility that you may have initially been wrong in your stance would go a long way in providing balance in your discussion.

I am still undecided in this debate and would love to see a more comprehensive study done. I am still searching for the answer and have not closed my mind to either side yet. However, as it stands, many many people have given us examples from their own despre Neumyvakin psoriazis that are the highest form of proof for them. Great Ape Thoughts Oct 29, I have a lot on my plate right now with work and family issues. Now when it comes to the study you are proposing, It would be interesting to do since there is enough information to make a basic observation, which is the first part of the scientific process.

We are observing that there are a number of individuals who are reporting benefits from this therapy. The next thing we would have to do is form a hypothesis that we could test.

It seems like a good one for our population here is that Hydrogen Peroxide therapy can work as a powerful anti-viral in the right dose; I say this because there are a number of comments are reporting having viral infections cured. We would then take a large population of people who are suffering from a viral infection and get as much data about them as we can. This data would include other medications being taken, diet, age, sex, smoking and drinking habits, stuff like that so the experimenters can account for any other causes of data change.

It would despre Neumyvakin psoriazis be a good idea to take groups of people with many despre Neumyvakin psoriazis ailments since it would overwhelm the study and ruin the results. This is done to test if the treatment is actually helping people, or if they are becoming biased and miss-reporting symptoms that they think are not despre Neumyvakin psoriazis anymore.

To log the data, there would be many factors. This is again to guarantee that the study is not thrown off by something like conformation bias. In fact, conformation bias is one of the key reasons that anecdotes are not taken as data. Often times, when people believe in something, they will only pay attention to things that support their belief while ignoring or explaining away the things that contradict it. They then believe that the water is working. The next time that they get a headache, they may write it off as a fluke and forget about having it the next day.

Great Ape you are a LIAR, and a FOOL. You know it and everyone else knows it. Why are you hiding the facts? You only post information not contradicting your view on this subject. You should post ALL relevant material. You are no good, a rotten person. I agree with you, this Ape man is working on his government illuminaty death program to despre Neumyvakin psoriazis more people sick.

Anonymous Oct 17, Great Ape is a shrill, paid government jockey. Do not waste your time arguing with him, do your research. Be your own doctor. Junior Russell Oct 19, Fuck your scientific studies! The AMA controls all of that! Take it from someone who actually uses this natural occurring substance everyday! Not H… H is part of our natural immune system! If your reading this article it was designed to turn you away from h, please ignore it and try it, for it can save your life!

Barbara Oct 24, Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis Oct 26, I am a scientist and an independent researcher. My interest is in cancer mechanisms and aging. One despre Neumyvakin psoriazis my former partner gave me Herpes 2. Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis disease started with 8 blisters. In that period I increased my Catalase and SOD levels to reduce oxidation damages at cellular level. This eventually shortened the time between OBs to three weeks.

I deduced that the virus can exploit catalase and SOD to thrive inside the cells and escape oxidation. Anti-oxidants maintain healthy cells longevity. However, if cells are infected despre Neumyvakin psoriazis Herpes 2 they are allegedly virus amplifiers! Reluctantly, I started the standard peroxide oral treatment because there was nothing left to try. After three weeks, a microscopic OB replaced the usual 8 big blisters. For the first time in three years I had just a small reddish spot with two almost invisible blisters.

My simplified conclusion; we have a balance between catalase, SOD and H2O2 levels. Unbalances have different side effects, included aging, cancer and viral infection. This is my evidence and in couple of months I will know if peroxide zaps the despre Neumyvakin psoriazis definitely.

Concerning the evidence that peroxide will cause me health damage such as DNA damage I cannot know this unless studying in vitro what happens to my DNA at the very low dosage I am taking orally. However, if someone reads what antivirals and many other drugs do, they will see that there is no safe drug so someone must do their own math.

My math is that I stay on peroxide because it almost immediately worked very well with me as no anti-viral drug did. His basic argument is to caution people because this type despre Neumyvakin psoriazis therapy has not been peer reviewed. Some even believe that cancer vaccines are not available because it would eat into profits. First, if you believe that big pharma would intentionally despre Neumyvakin psoriazis release a vaccine they would have a shareholder revolt.

And if you look at the exponential rate at which molecules are being discovered mainly in silico reducing traditional research expense these companies have no choice but to act fast and lock up the patent rights. So now not only are you claiming big pharma is in on the conspiracy virtually every major university with research facilities is too.

Lets not forget that the NIH gets 4. Do you think that the US government is suppressing cures? Medicare and Medicaid expenses are killing this country. ANY cure or vaccine saves uncle sam a ton of money.

Most doctors I know went into medicine because they want to help people and end suffering. They use the products that have been peer reviewed through FDA testing because it gives the patient the best chance at survival. And yes the FDA does have some drugs that have side effects that manifest despre Neumyvakin psoriazis later on but for the most part the trials are conducted all over the world with large population samples.

Not trying to be insulting, I just cannot fathom that every oncologist is suppressing or despre Neumyvakin psoriazis supporting this therapy if there is anything to it. Anonymous Nov 01, Skitz Nov 01, Joe Laberge Nov 07, Had extreme bowel discomfort for more than 2 years. Tested for many things. No despre Neumyvakin psoriazis until I drank 8oz.

That was 3 years ago. Tosha Nov 13, despre Neumyvakin psoriazis Now this is ridiculous. If hydrogen peri oxide could kill people I HIGHLY DOUBT our bodies would create it itself. Hydrogen peroxide is in that too!!! Do your research before you start to knock things that could actually benefit you. And if Great Ape Thoughts means you believe we ascended from monkeys then here in lies the root of the problem.

Evolution is just a fairy tale for grown ups. The truth will set you free, that is the truth not your truth. This is despre Neumyvakin psoriazis and this is where the paharmaceutical companies go wrong. Interesting the word behind pharmaceutical is the greek word Pharmacia which means witchcraft and sorcery.

I have over the years cured almost everything naturally and not used any form of drug not even a pain killer for tratamentul propolis psoriazisului cu years now, and will die before i put their poison into my body.

Ive removed skin cancers in under 2 weeks despre Neumyvakin psoriazis, and have stories that i could go on about for ages. Suffice is to say drugs are about money not health, and the sad part is they all have side effects and prescribed drugs kill more people in the west every year than the Vietnam war did in 10 years.

There is a God fortunately and we will all be judged one day, wether you believe it or not wont stop you being accountable to him one day. You have a conscience and thats your spirit letting your know your out of line. And as far as the information not being peer reviewed as posted by others, it has and many,many other natural cures for disease not just therapys.

This is out despre Neumyvakin psoriazis out EVIL. Sandy Workman Dec 05, I used chelation to clean my blood. Then I used H2O2 for despre Neumyvakin psoriazis it. You got to add water to it. Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis I did it again first thing in the morning.

If it up sets your belly—just drink more water with out H2O2. I am a coffee drinker—so if I wanted another cup—I had to drink my water first—wait 15 to 20 mints, then I had my coffee. So I might drink 6 despre Neumyvakin psoriazis 10 glasses of H2O2 a day. I believes it depends on how sick you are, or how fast you want to see results.

Psoriazis calciu fiole gluconat în de I saw results—I kept notes. I believe this ad is to scare you from using H2O2. I did Chelation, and this fixed my problem.

I was able to sweat, lost weight -which was all water. Plus I had so much energy. But the H2O2 did the trick—I had even more energy, click to see more I had more oxygen in my blood, brain, muscles. Trust yourself to do the right thing. Simeon Dec 21, As has been already indicated above, APE is simply trying to scare people. Maybe he is somehow connected with the FDA and as their puppet, trying to scare people so that the click at this page dollar Pharmaceutical Industry can keep making profits galore.

If more people begin to use h2o2 and benefiting healthwise, then it means less profit for the Pharmaceuticals, since people will be buying less drugs. Jerry Dec 12, I looked at the studies you listed. Hydrogen peroxide therapy is about despre Neumyvakin psoriazis diluting small amounts of despre Neumyvakin psoriazis grade peroxide for ingesting.

To me your post is how bad meaning people scare people from doing something that will help them tremendously. Hilton Dec 26, If H2O2 breaks down into by products, despre Neumyvakin psoriazis of which is a free radical ,as general chemistry suggests. And free radicals have been closely linked to aging and cell damage as had been reported for decades.

Then right off the bat, H2o2 seems to be the Psoriazis Kazahstan of the fountain of youth and health. But Wait there is more…. The reasoning is that it is FOOD GRADE. Little known to the average person is that Food Grade H2O2 is used to clean industrial food equipment and used in complex chemical despre Neumyvakin psoriazis which require skilled technicians to monitor before the products can be judged safe for public consumption.

Sonny Jim Dec 18, I had asthma for 5 years and was fed up of steroid inhalers. So i did a lot of reading up on this. So to cut to the chase. I went to the web site despre Neumyvakin psoriazis I followed the protocol to the letter!!!

After just 3 days I threw my inhalers away and that was despre Neumyvakin psoriazis years ago!!!!!! So there you are. H2O2 is in my medicine cabinet. The best bit is that there is no other medicines in the cabinet! When it comes down to it, life is really up to you! Just to say that yes, H2O2 is a very powerful oxidiser.

Like everything else all in the dose! A whole packet of Paracetemol will very likely shut you down or at least cause liver damage. As Sandy Workman has despre Neumyvakin psoriazis said. NO CANCER for 9yrs! You have a great Christmas Sandy!! The protocol I used from the above mentioned website did specify Distilled Water. You have to read and learn about it. Just pass naturally having worn despre Neumyvakin psoriazis. What I have written here has nothing to do with me.

This info is freely available and I will add is this web page by Doctors!!! Not all Doctors agree on everything. Over to you and to the best of good happy health.

Well your wrong its impossible here is why… your body has catalyzes enzymes in it all living organizms exposed to oxygen have them, these enzymes catalyzes the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to this web page h20 and pure oxygen o when introduced to the body. It is a very important enzyme in protecting the cells in the body from oxidative damagee by reactive oxygen species ROS.

Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis, catalase has one of the highest turnover numbers of all enzymes; one catalasemolecule can convert millions of molecules of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen each second. All living organisms have catalyze becauseYour white blood cells release despre Neumyvakin psoriazis peroxide as a number despre Neumyvakin psoriazis defense against in vading bacteria to the blood.

You said this in despre Neumyvakin psoriazis of your debates I have talked to two pharmacists and a pediatric trauma surgeon about the production of hydrogen peroxide in the body.

SO HOW COME WE ARE NOT DEAD YET? They found out that h2o2 is present killing infection that entered the blood before the white blood cells even reacted. They came to an astonishing discovery their white blood cells did not respond to infection. YOU ALSO SAID THIS Visit web page the data that I have gathered, H2O2 does kill harmful pathogens, and can be used on the human body provided that it only gets on skin, minor cuts, or is swished around in the mouth without swallowing.


You said in one of your debates you came up with an explanation like you always do When the person was claiming h2o2 therapy cured shingles in one of their family members.

There are only 2 types of diseases skin and blood anaerobic and aerobic Skin and blood Blood diseases thrive on a lack of oxyen, which is why your white blood cells produce it.

Also the reason your body has catalase enzymes which stop h2o2 from doing what it does oxidation-reduction redox a reaction that accepts an electron from another species. Because the oxidizing agent is gaining electrons its often called an electron accepter. It cant catalase enzymes stop it and prevent oxitation damageYOU.

Anonymous Dec 22, One of the people you were having as debat with said one of their family members used h2o2 to cure shingles. You came up with and explanation like you do everything else. There are only 2 types despre Neumyvakin psoriazis diseases skin and blood anaerobic and aerobic,skin diseases thrive on oxygen despre Neumyvakin psoriazis, blood diseases thrive on a lack of oxygen. You say many websites thast either recommend either foodgrade or mediacal is fine.

However no websites recommend medical grade. You were right about a lot of things while you were very wrong about a lot also. H2o2 wants more electrons, two very electronegative atoms cu un unguent aliekspress two oxygens are deparately fighting over the electrons they have between them.

This is one way that hydrogen peroxide can oxidize steel electrons from other molecules. You were right about dr. H2o2 therapy is completely safe if you despre Neumyvakin psoriazis what you are doing.

Mix 3 teaspoons into 1 gallon of water at least you can use more water and you have to store it somewhere where there is no light until consumed. What this would do is increase the oxygen in your blood but not increase it enough to kill psoriazis etapă regresivă What more proof can you get than living proof.

I have been drinking h2o2 the proper despre Neumyvakin psoriazis for 6 years my body is fine stomach lining and throat is fine. I can tell you this tho if you do it exactly how I explained it cannot hurt you what can it hurt it will benefit you. NEVER TRUST ANY ONE SOURCE OR MULTIPLE SOURCES EVEN IF THEY ARE ALL SAYING THE SAME THING, YOU HAVE TO DIG WAY DEEPER THAN THAT, Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis got my info from many sources confirmed those sources with other sources then confirmed those sources and came to a unquestionable conclusion.

And eventually came across a man that has been drinking it for 10 years we talked on the phone a lot he was despre Neumyvakin psoriazis then 86 now healthy as a horse nothing at all wrong with him. Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis showed me a picture of him after he just go done running a 10 mile marathon he was 85 yrs old in the picture.

He taught me a lot not just on hydrogen peroxide. Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis even taught me how to make my own you cant trust what you buy online or get from others. Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis it yourself is the best way to stay safe.


I just last month cured a basal cell carcinoma diagnosed by my family doctor on despre Neumyvakin psoriazis face with despre Neumyvakin psoriazis grade peroxide.

I have also taken it internally and cured bladder and sinus infections. Of course, it is toxic if not diluted properly. And chemo and radiation are not??? If I ever get any type of internal cancer, I will take my chances any day with h rather than going the torture and slow death route of chemo and radiation.

My comment is regarding the original article on the dangers of food grade peroxide. Anonymous Jan 10, What does too much hydrogen in the body do? How much does it take to reach this level and how does happen? You are wrong I will tell you why. Almost every species that lives that is exposed to oxygen, their bodies naturlly decompose low grades of h2o2 hydrogen dioxixly, simply breaking the free radical down to water h2o and pure oxygen o look up the decomposition of h2o2 despre Neumyvakin psoriazis the body.

However great ape you are right your body cannot decompose and break down high grades of h2o2 and it would enter your body as a free radical doing exancly like you said first it would steal the electron from either the copper or the iron in your body and then it would look to return to its original state. To return to its original state it would have to steal an electron from your cells in your body destroying them.

If done properly low grades of h2o2 would be decomposed increasing your oxygen in your blood just enough so viruses, bacteria would die in its precence.

There are 2 diseases anaerobic and aerobic skin and bloon. Your blood already has oxygen in it. If you do this despre Neumyvakin psoriazis you are only increasing your oxygen amounts slightly, but it is just slightly enough to kill everything bad. But you got to remember it is also killing the good backteria in your body and stomach. To do this right you have to gradually wean up on the h2o2 then wean down if this is despre Neumyvakin psoriazis properly.

Your body would naturlly restore the good bacteria in it. Your body restores it because your body naturally produces it. Jonathon Neal McCartt Jan 24, The human body naturall decomposes of low grades of h2o2 when highly deluted and introvaniously taken into the body, Your body simply breaks it down to water h20 and pure oxygen o this is called the decomposition of h2o2 in the human body. Google it you will be amazed.

The reason the human body breaks down this oxygen centered free radical and not letting it steal electrons from a mineral then your cells is because almost every living thing exposed to oxygen does this. However if you take in high grade H2O2 like what is used in rocket ships your body will not be able to break it down and what will happen is exactly what great ape said despre Neumyvakin psoriazis will do.

It will take the electon from either the coppor or iron in your body once it does that it will look to return to its origan state to do that it has to take the electron from the cells in your body because they are on an axis. Once it does that H2o2 will return to its original state and repeat this process despre Neumyvakin psoriazis to a thound times before it it able to no longer able to steal electrons oxidize Th.

The reason is because there are 2 types of diseases anaerobic despre Neumyvakin psoriazis aerobid skin and blood. Blood diseases thrive on despre Neumyvakin psoriazis lack of oxygen skin disease thrive on oxyen, which makes skin diseases impossible to cure only treat. There is already oxygen in your blood, but if you can increase this despre Neumyvakin psoriazis a little bit it will kill everything this also means it will kill the good bacteria in your body.

So you must do it in cycles stop for a while so your body can restore the good bacteria in your body and stomach and it click your body naturally produces it. Article source you keep using H2O2 this will not happen leading to sickness and even death. This is one of the number 1 reasons people die using H2o2.

They go buy H2o2 in the despre Neumyvakin psoriazis stores which has additives and stabalizers in it, you cant use it you have to get it speciall made without. I must einfach lasa psoriazis tratati cu der how to do it so this does not happen to anyone reading this site.

YOU ARE WRONG Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis SO MUCH GREAT APE BUT YOU Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis ALSO RIGHT ABOUT A LOT ALSO. By reading this article I wrote your scientific knowledge of H2o2 despre Neumyvakin psoriazis be great in your knowledge great ape and you do have the knowlede to make a difference. I please click for source no room for what if, and, or but everyones questions will be answere.

This is called the decomposition of h2o2 in the human body. The reason the human body breaks down H2O2 in the body, is because it has enzymes in it that catalyze continue reading decomposition of h2o2 simply breaking it down and it does not enter your body as a free radical.

However if you take in high grades of H2O2 like what is used in rocket ships it will happen just as great ape says ,your body will not be able to break it down and what will happen is h2o2 will steal the electon from either the coppor or iron in your body once it does that it will look to return to its origanal state, to do that it has to continue reading the electron despre Neumyvakin psoriazis the cells in your body because they are on an axis destroying the cell.

Once it does that H2o2 will return to its original state and repeat this process up to a thound times. Scientist and most doctors despre Neumyvakin psoriazis get you to belive whatever you what to believe. They do not want to expose despre Neumyvakin psoriazis truth to the whole world.

It is Population control and will hurt the economy, affect the pharmacutical companies nobody will be buying cold meds. Doctors will lose a lot of buisness nobody will be getting sick. H2o2 cannot be taxed by the government the ingredients are natural too easy to access and it is too easy to make. I will explain this in a way you cannot deny it is the truth.

Blood diseases thrive on a lack of oxygen skin disease thrive on oxyen, which makes skin diseases impossible to cure only treat because you cannot decrease the oxygen in the body you can only increase it. There is already oxygen in your blood, but if you can increase this just a little bit it will kill everything this also means it will kill the good bacteria in your body and stomach. So you must do it in cycles stop for a check this out so your body can restore the good bacteria in your body and stomach that body naturally produces it.

If you keep continuously use H2O2 this will not happen leading to sickness and article source death. This is one of the main reasons people die using H2o2. They go buy H2o2 in the drug stores which has additives and stabalizers in it, you cannot use it you have to get it special made without. You must do this on an emty stomach if not a superoxide anion will enter your body which is the despre Neumyvakin psoriazis free radical.

This is the only safe way recognized by me there is no other safe way. GREAT APE SHOULD TAKE THAT ADVICE FOR THE OTHER ARTICLES HE PLANS ON WRITING. The human body naturally decomposes of low grades of h2o2 hydrogen dioxide, which you know as hydrogen peroxide, when highly deluted and introvaniously taken into the body, there are enzymes in Your body that simply breaks it down to water h20 and pure oxygen o increasing the oxygen in your blood. So you must do it in cum psoriazis o dată pentru totdeauna despre Neumyvakin psoriazis for a while so your body can restore the good bacteria in your body and stomach that body.

Anonymous Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis 07, Stephen Feb 09, Hey, I did some math as I started this myself.

I despre Neumyvakin psoriazis my dropper to 1ml, and counted how many drops came out of it. Since the maximum dosage is twice that 22 dropsgive or take a few drops, this means that the maximum recommended dosage is ~ 0.

This means that anyone taking the maximum dosage is well under one percent. Actually your links despre Neumyvakin psoriazis the best on that. I was curious because I wanted to try this myself, so why not find out for myself the dangers. If you can find research on 0. So your article was despre Neumyvakin psoriazis nice in my opinion! Anonymous Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis 19, Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis matter of hydrogen peroxide is indicative on a large scale of how a person allows și mâncărime părului căderea experience of others to change him.

Instead of defending what sounds like a hollow position, I encourage you to seek answers beyond the mainstream corners of your attitude. Terrence Feb 27, One guy said that he used it for helping with his herpes sores then when he stop taking the solution, the sores returned. This discussion has me torn between the despre Neumyvakin psoriazis views and I will keep researching this topic until I find something real.

Surely if this method is approved by the FDA then I will be confident. Max the Mad Feb 27, Despre Neumyvakin psoriazis pumping people full of toxic chemicals is no problem? But wait again, sometimes these treatments work. You sir clearly work for government,fda,currupt administration,etc.

It is way to toxic. But the fact is it does work on most if not all diseases. It does oxygenate the body at cell level thru every crook and cranny of our tissues thus killing cancer,bacteria,viruses,fungus,hiv,etc. Noone has been able to disprove this. Our government would not get the multi billion dollars revenue from medicine if this became popular there fore they hire lying scum like you to discredit this and every other successful treatment. So shut despre Neumyvakin psoriazis and crawl back your rock you came from.

The truth never changes and will prevail. Colleen Sundby Mar 05, Without suppressive despre Neumyvakin psoriazis, I have back to back outbreaks consistently.

I would like to have my sex life back with my husband. The link I provided is only one of many sites I visited that stated HP therapy could work to supress out breaks. Anonymous Mar 13, Brian Donovan Mar 14, It might also be bad for certain conditions. Truth Bearer Mar 26, Uppity Apr 12, H has literally been keeping me alive, in my view. I wish I had discovered it before I was diagnosed with cancer, but alas, there are a lot of what ifs. So, I take food grade H in distilled water, following the strict instructions of the One Minute Cure and other literature, and have been taking it every day for 11 months, since a scan revealed my breast cancer had spread to my lungs and bones.

What was striking was that after six days of despre Neumyvakin psoriazis the protocol back in May of last yearmy mood felt strongly better. But I now visit web page one glass a day, with 17 drops in it.

Just seek out the appropriate literature, trust the fact that people used it liberally before drug companies pushed it out to the margins, and follow your own path. Dick Apr 25, The medical and pharmaceutical professions use anecdotal evidence when it is to their advantage. Show me the clinical trials where they took 10, people and exposed them to second hand tobacco smoke, and another 10, people and exposed them to imitation tobacco smoke, and another 10, people who were not exposed to any smoke, and compare how many got cancer in each group.

If 10, people get cancer, its still anecdotal evidence, not clinical proof, by their own standards. The demand for clinical trials is often made for herbs and other remedies that cannot be patented, because who would pay the millions of dollars to test a natural product that cannot be patented.

No way to recouver the tremendous expense. Reading this in Germany. Its a schame this article is listed with google so high. Take gr of salt at once and you will die. Take no more salt and your will die also. Why are there no studies and warnings on salt? There is a leathal dose of everything.

I am following the protocoll of drinking for now 12 days. I have been using steroides an my asthma fpr 32 Years! On day 6 of the click the following article I simply forgot to take my Steroid!

I needed it again the next day, primarilly because I could not believe it. I will keep going!! Am currently down to one third of my normal despre Neumyvakin psoriazis of steroids.

My simple anwser was: Which of all of these bottles in the bath do contain anything you can drink? There is a good despre Neumyvakin psoriazis an H2O2 from a german doctor summarizing the research done at Leipzig university during the 60ths.

It will get white first and turn normal within a couple of hours. Same will happen in your mouth. It is not that dangerous.

No need to flush with water. Franki May 13, Great ape, how many cases of people do we have ,to have died of drinking hydrogen peroxide as per directions of despre Neumyvakin psoriazis therapy? Shazza May 21,

★ How to cure psoriasis. Causes of the symptoms of psoriasis and treatment at home.

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