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Instructiuni glutoksim in psoriazis

Immunomodulator c system cytoprotective effect — tiopoetin ICD codes testimony: PHARMA YOU ZAO Russia. Solution for injection colorless instructiuni glutoksim in psoriazis slightly colored, clear, odorless or with a faint odor of acetic acid. Glutoksim ® It plays an important role in the regulation of metabolic processes in cells and tissues. It has a selective effect on the sulfhydryl group of cell surface receptors, which leads to instructiuni glutoksim in psoriazis restoration of sensitivity to regulatory peptide transport molecules, defines immunomodulatory, hemostimulating, toksikomodifitsiruyuschy tsitotropnye and other effects of the drug.

Glutoksim ® contributes to the actions of regulatory molecules peptide on normal and transformed cells. The main properties of the drug are immunofiziologicheskim: Among immunobiochemical effects of the drug should be made: IL 1, IL 6, Tumor Necrosis Factor, interferons, Erythropoietin, IL 2. When used in oncology Glutoksim ® promote effective functional recovery of bone marrow hematopoiesis during instructiuni glutoksim in psoriazis therapy.

Glutoksim ® removes or smoothes the nonspecific symptoms of illness syndrome anemia, fatigue, decreased appetite, increased pain sensitivity. It noted a linear relationship between dose and concentration of drug in blood plasma. Glutoksim ® It promotes effective functional recovery of Ayurveda pentru psoriazis marrow hematopoiesis anticancer therapy.

Kursovaya dose — mg. If necessary, a second course of treatment by Months. A course of treatment - 25 injection. The next course of chemotherapy Regimen repeated. Clinical trials of the drug Glutoxim ® Pregnancy and lactation breast-feeding not carried out.

In clinical studies demonstrated an increase in the frequency of positive responses to radical radiation therapy for locally advanced cervical cancer. Observed faster recovery of peripheral blood and improve the general condition of patients on the background radiation therapy. Using glutoxim ® in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer chemotherapy allowed to carry out in full, instructiuni glutoksim in psoriazis the need for colony stimulating factor, Erythropoietin, transfusions of blood and blood components.

According to the results of clinical trials, the appointment glutoxim ® in patients with psoriasis experienced a faster and complete regression of lesions the infiltration, peeling, puffinessdecreased itching, improves quality of life.

When Arthropathic form reduces the intensity of arthralgia and shorten hospital stay. With concomitant liver disease psoriasis Glutoxim ® demonstrated hepatoprotective effect. A more rapid regression of the symptoms of psoriasis also shows the children, receiving Glutoxim ® in the complex therapy.

Demonstrated a significant increase in terms of remission of psoriasis: Instructiuni glutoksim in psoriazis tuberculosis is shown shortening bacterial, reducing instructiuni glutoksim in psoriazis frequency and severity of toxic reactions in the combined use of anti-TB drugs ALT increase, IS, bilirubinreduction in the incidence of toxic hepatitis.

The normalization of the menstrual cycle and increase potency, which caused instructiuni glutoksim in psoriazis decrease adverse events of chemotherapy. Glutoksim ® It allows you to quickly prepare patients for surgery and reduce the frequency of specific postoperative complications in patients with drug-resistant fibro-cavernous pulmonary tuberculosis.

In the combined therapy of infections, sexually tratamentul Ekaterinburg, Glutoksim ®facilitating exocytosis intracellularly located parasites, It increases the efficiency of the use of antimicrobials. In the treatment of chronic recurrent STIs an increase in terms of remission and relapse in the absence of a significant number of patients.

The drug should be stored in the dark, to children at temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.

Shelf life — 3 year. Do not use creme psoriazis expiry date, on the package. Medicine All about health and instructiuni glutoksim in psoriazis lifestyles. Instructions instructiuni glutoksim in psoriazis use, Description medicines.

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